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Super-rich Basque cheesecake made with Australian cream cheese and rich fresh cream

It is a gem that is sold out every day at special events and pop-ups.


Our Basque cheesecake comes with Barcelona salt,

At first, leave it as it is, then add a little Barcelona salt, and finally warm it up in the microwave!

It's a delicious three-course cheesecake.


We will ship frozen.

Expiration date 1 month (refrigerated storage)

Expiration date 4 days (refrigerate after thawing)


This time, it's a great value assortment of 2 types, super-rich plain and matcha.

Gifts are also very welcome!

Please give it a try.



Product name: Basque cheesecake

Western confectionery

Ingredients cream cheese (from Australia), fresh cream, eggs, sugar, wheat flour, salt  

Storage method Refrigerate (below 10°C)  Manufacturer  The Infinity Co., Ltd. 585 Takamiya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8056 TEL: 07 5744 0080

Nutritional information (per piece) Calories/343kcal, Protein/7.6g, Lipid/29.0g, Carbohydrates/17.6g, Salt equivalent/0.1g *The indicated values are approximate.



2 types of super-rich Basque cheesecake

Excluding Sales Tax
Price Options
One-time purchase
¥1,350every month for 3 months
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