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Australian style brunch cafe & Australian bar

Moon and back is an Australian style brunch cafe that opened in Kyoto in June 2020 and Sydney in October 2020.

For lunch, you can enjoy a stylish lunch using edible flowers that you can taste at an Australian cafe, and for dinner, it is a restaurant with two faces: a casual bar.

Australia is a country of many immigrants. There are many restaurants where authentic chefs such as Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese, and Korean bring out their best points.

Our lunch menu includes Australian cafe brunch, Eggs Benedict, a la carte dishes such as club meat croissants and maple croissants, and desserts.

Moon and back is a restaurant with two faces, lunchtime and nighttime. Australia is a country where immigrants from all over the globe live together. You can find all kinds of authentic restaurants with the best chefs ranging from Japanese, French, Italian, Chinese and Korean with real chefs all putting out great food.


Company Profile

company name 

The Infinity Inc.

Representative Director and President 

Tatsuya Fukuda

main office


585 Takamiyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

phone number

075 744 0080


September 2019

1,000,000 yen

Business content
Restaurant management, store management, design work, food and drink consulting

Operating store
MOON and BACK Kyoto Main Store, MOON and BACK Kobe Sannomiya

​Gangnam restaurant, Taiwan fried chicken pie, Chinese restaurant moon rabbit

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